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We have a true love for Shepherd no matter what color they are.

This site was created out of love for the German Shepherd Dog. The site first began when my Caesar was diagnosed with many allergies at a very early age.

In hopes of finding a cure for my beloved friend I began collecting information on his heritage. In my quest an idea arouse. Why not start collecting information on all purebred German Shepherd Dogs that passed away. Maybe some of the information that I would find would not only help my poor skinny, itchy Caesar but perhaps be useful to other owners in finding a link to the past.

As my research continued, Caesar progressively got worse. By the time he was 3 years old, in addition to his many food and endless enviornmental allergies, Caesar had developed Grand Mall Seizures, Cluster Seizures, Mega-Esophagus problems, and perhaps was a border line candidate for Pancreatitus. Ceasar had extensive testing done but the findings always turned up something else to compound the problem that already existed with no cure. We did everything we could trying to help this poor little guy.

Two weeks shortly after his third birthday, and numerous trips to the veterinarians office, Caesar's problems were over. My beloved companion and loyal friend, as they say in the military, heard the bugle sounding his "Last Call". I left the veteranarian's office in tears. Caesar did in fact hear his "Last Call" from his masters voice.

You are invited to view and participate in the Honor Roll of The Last Call, no matter what color your purebred shepherd is. If you would like to pay your respect to Caesar and my beloved shepherds you may do so by viewing their pictures under these names and dates in the Honor Roll of "The Last Call" :

Sinbad -Sinbad Oden Von Bryan - Feb.1975
Shalom - Jokare's Shalom Von Oden - Dec. 1994
Caesar - Chlomaxsi's Oliver - Sept.1997

You may also see them listed under My Dogs

I have had several German Shepherd Dogs over the years. I truly believe they are wonderful companions, show dog, and pets. I loved each and every one of them dearly. My present Shepherd is Micah. He is a funny little guy. Micah is my first White Shepherd or, by AKC standards is a German Shepherd Dog whose color is registered as white. Micah is a playful little character who has a lot to say. Please be sure to stop by his web site.

Caesar's Spider Web Page and Micah's Funny Fur Web Page are fun and informative. We hope you enjoy reading all of the interesting material that we have gathered. This web site is not predigest to the color of any Shepherd. We shares "The Best of Both Worlds".

You may also use the Pico Search located in "Our Last Call" to see how many other GSDs have died with the same problems Caesar died with. You can also check to see how many GSDs have died with other problmes too.

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