In Loving Memory

I will never forget any of them. I loved them all.

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My love for the German Shepherd Dog began with our very first Shepherd in 1996. He was a very obedient, well trained animal who was completely loyal to the entire family. His memory has lived on like a legend in his time. There are so many wonderful stories I could tell you about him that I could fill a book.

July 4, 1966 to Feb 1975.


This was our second Shepherd, what a beautiful dog. She too was very obedient and loyal. She was my first female and what a sweetheart she was. Her death came as a total shock. The day after Christmas, the family left for Ohio to visit relatives. We planned to return before New Years Eve. Shalom was in perfect health the day we left and was boarding at the veterinarians for a few days as she had done several times in the past. She always seemed happy to see everyone at the clinic and would march right in. The day we came back there was a message on the answering machine to call the vet. My heart sank to the floor. Shalom died from bloat the day before we returned home.

Feb 25, 1990 to Dec. 1994


This was our third Shepherd. He also was an obedient and loyal friend. My heart goes out to this guy who really never had a chance in life due to so many medical problems. This web site started because of Caesar. I was searching desperately for answers to see if any of his relatives had any of the same problems that he had. I was not surprised in my findings. Caesar was a very thin dog and could not keep weight on. Caesar's medical history was a nightmare of problems such as several types of allergies, mega-esophagus problems, epilepsy, grand mall seizures, and cluster seizures.

November 2, 1997 to January 6, 2011


This was our fourth Shepherd, not a black and tan but a White Shepherd. He was 12 years old in this picture. Like all my other Shepherds he also was very obedient and loyal. Micah was the love of my life. He always knew when it was time for Mom to have her Martini so we could play Roll It. I would roll a ball to him and he would roll it back to me. We played this game just about every day of his life. Micah would always come over and nose me at 4:00 pm to let me know it was game time. He did this for 13 years. My life will never be the same without him. I miss him so much.

Micah's last movie. In the snow - December 26, 2010

Nov 2, 1997 to Jan 6, 2011

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