The Last Call Memorial 1997

Owner/E-Mail: Jean Kotchka,
In Memory of: Chlomaxsi's Oliver (Caesar)
Pedigree of "Caesar"
Year of Birth: August 13, 1994
Year of Death: September 8, 1997
Cause: Euthanasia
Age: 3 years & 25 days
Sire: Ch. Windwalker's Jolly Roger
Dam: Schokrest Anastasia
Kennel name: Chlomaxsi's
Breeder:John LaFata
Other known illnesses:
Epilepsy, Seizures, Allergies, Megaesophagus, Vomiting, Diarrhea. Caesar was also very skinny. His last day of life he had 6 Grand Mall Seizures. He was a beautiful dog with many, many illnesses. I loved him so and that is why this web site started. I started this site in hopes to track down inheritance problems. Several people did come forward with Epilepsy in the line and Allergies. Thank you all so very much for all your help, friendship, and support. I just wish we could have been able to help Caesar.

Owner/E-Mail: Lynda Molter -
In Memory of: Angel
Year of Birth: 10/12/1988
Year of Death: 9/17/1997
Cause: Cancer
Age: 8 years and 11months
Color: black and tan
Sire: Am Ch Cdn Sel Ch Woden of Cedar
Dam: O'Lynda of Cedar
Kennel name: Cedar
Breeder: Karen Walters
Other known illnesses
Angel was healthy up untill the day before she died. She was diagnosed with Cancer and was brought home to pass away. She left us that night.

Owner/E-Mail: MaryLee Warnock/
In Memory of: Kemarok Shiloh CDX, CGC OFA
Year of Birth: Feb 11, 1989
Year of Death: July 16, 1997
Cause: Bone cancer, front leg
Age: 8 1/2
Sire: Ch. Abraxas Quasar of Langenau
Dam: Kemarok Teneka
Kennel name: Kemarok
Breeder: Owner
Other known illnesses:
Never sick a day. Started limping 5 months before death . He was my constant companion. He will live in my heart forever.

Owner/E-Mail: Rebecca Warden/
In Memory of:Crystlgates Red Jacket
Year of Birth:1987
Year of Death: 1997
Cause: Euthanasia, due to PF
Age:10 yrs 3 days
Sire:Cando vom Steffen-Haus
Dam:Christom's Tango Dance
Kennel name:Crystlgate's Shepherds
Breeder:Rita Durrane
Other known illnesses:
"Tuborg" was a wondreful dog, fearless, GOOFY, he was my boy. He was hit by a car @ 7 months and lost 5-1/2" of his tail, but otherwise he was in perfect health the rest of his life. At 9-1/2 years Vet diagnosed Anal Hernia, loose stool, biting at his anus, etc. tried 2 strong courses of antibiotics, then another vet noticed enlarged prostrate, told me that there was not way to treat the hernia, that a discision would have to be made, Tuborg made it for me 1 month later. His hernia burst and we sent him to the Rainbow Bridge, to be with Mick.

Owner/E-Mail: Wayne & Jan Leach:
In Memory of: Tsunami of Cedar CD "Ember"
Year of Birth 3/28/83
Year of Death: 1/4/97
Cause: Euthanasia subsequent to DM
Age: 13 3/4
Sire: Sel Am Can Ch Omar of Cedar 2nd
Dam: Rumba of Cedar
Kennel name: Cedar
Breeder: Caren Walters
Other known illnesses:
Spayed @ 7 yrs. Incredibly healthy until the first signs of DM @ 10 yrs. Progress of DM very slow until her last 3 months. A wonderful dog !

Owner/E-Mail: Jan Leach:
In Memory of: Ch/OTCh Longpine's K. O Cody Am CD "Cody"
Year of Birth 6/21/86
Year of Death: 11/26/97
Cause: Sudden collapse while on camping trip
Age: 11 1/2
Sire: Shir-La-Mar's Mica O'Long Pine
Dam: Tsunami of Cedar CD
Kennel name: Longpine
Breeder: Wayne & Jan Leach
Other known illnesses:
Successful surgery for a perianal fistula @ 4 yrs otherwise extremely healthy.

Owner/E-Mail: Jackie Morasco /
In Memory of: "Chaos" Jodan's Callaway Flyer
Year of Birth December 1992
Year of Death: July 1997
Cause: Euthanasia Due to Perianal Fistulas
Age: 4 1/2 years old
Sire: Brentaryl's Freedom Rider
Dam: Stuttgart's Merry Beary Clyfld
Kennel name: Jodan
Breeder: Danny and Edna Jaye
Other known illnesses:
Slight allergy to Chrysanthemums in the fall, otherwise healthy with OFA number and clear on Elbows, as well as Normal thyroid.

Owner/E-Mail: Kate Syssoloff
In Memory of: Rockannand's Aurora
Year of Birth
Year of Death: July 19, 1997
Cause: Bloat/Torsion
Age: 9 1/2
Sire: Am Ch Cdn Sel Ch Woden of Cedar, ROMC
Dam: Aloha of Cedar
Kennel name: Rockannand
Breeder: Kate Syssoloff
Other known illnesses:

In Memory of: Schutzengel Vom Landhaus "Angel"
Year of Birth 1-19-1997
Year of Death: 1-20-99
Cause: Torsion
Age: 2yr. 1 day
Sire: Elco Vam Deubringer Schlob
Dam: Angie Von Burg Anloh
Kennel name: Landhaus German Shepherd Dogs
Breeder: Phil Dodson
Other known illnesses:
None Rest well my precious "Angel", your mommy loves you.

Owner/E-Mail: Reina Pennington,
In Memory of: Cheyenne
Year of Death: 1997
Cause: Euthanasia, subsequent to osteosarcoma
Age: 3 yrs 3 mos 11 days
Sire: Iwan von Stolz McKenzie
Dam: Feagin's Luci Lou
Kennel name: Stafford Feagin IV (Bonneau, SC)
Breeder: Angela Feagin
Other known illnesses:
Dysplasia, developed in right rear leg within a month of amputation of left rear leg for osteosarcoma. Less than two months after the amputation, the cancer hit her lungs. Sweet Cheyenne, rest in peace.

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