The Last Call Memorial 1994

Owner/E-Mail Jean Kotchka,
In Memory of: Jokare's Shalom Von Oden
Pedigree of: "Shalom"
Year of Birth: February 15, 1990
Year of Death: 1994
Cause Stomach Torsion and what happened
Age 4 years 10 months

Owner/E-Mail: Gayle Arrington/
In Memory of: Ominous Echo of Cloverly, CDX, HIC, CGC
Year of Birth: 1984
Year of Death: 1994
Cause: Cancerous tumor of the heart (forget scientific name)
Age: 9 years 11 months
Color: White
Sire: Omen of Cloverly
Dam: Omni of Cloverly
Kennel name: = Cloverly
Breeder: Richard C Walsh
Other known illnesses:
Echo was my soul mate. His sire was shy and sadly so was Echo (with tendencies to being a fear bitter), however, after thousands of hours of obedience classes, Echo was able to handle any situation presented to him, including earning his CDX and learning all the excercises in Utility except the Go Out (he didn't like leaving me). Echo changed my life as much as I changed his. Basically he had a few physical problems during his lifetime including he needed his teeth cleaned several times, large goose egg sized fatty tumors which I had removed, and bloat with torsion.

Owner/E-Mail Joann S. Furse,
In Memory of Oskar v. Athons Grunenfeld
Year of Death: 1994
Cause Osteosarcoma
Age 7 years

Owner/E-Mail: Margy Golant,
In Memory of: Thunder (CH. Richrbar's Fortune Hunter)
Year of Death: 1994
Cause: stroke
Age 10-1/2 years

Owner/E-Mail: Rob Koenig,
In Memory of: Julie
Year of Death: 1994
Cause: Degenerative Myelopathy
Age: 15 years

The Last Call