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Owner/E-Mail: Jean Kotchka,
In Memory of: Brightwood's Micah
Pedigree of "Micah"
Year of Birth: November 2, 1997
Year of Death: January 6, 2011
Cause: Euthanasia
Age: 13
Color: White
Sire: Ve Lin's Valiant Virgil
Dam: Brightwood's Zephora
Kennel name: Brightwood
Breeder: Pamela S. Ratcliffe & David K. Ratcliffe
Other known illnesses: Micah was in very good health for 12 year. At age 12 he developed arthritis which progressively worsened as the months went on. I loved Micah so much and couldn't let him go. I loved him and he love me for 13 years and 2 months. The morning of his final day I discovered rectal bleeding. Micah would walk 2 or 3 steps, pant heavily, and then he would lay down. The decision to put him down was extremely painful. With pain in my heart and tears in my eyes I knew it was time to say good bye to my best friend and loyal companion.

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