The Hidden Story

Many people have written to me about what a good looking dog Caesar is. I'd like to thank all of you but I have a confession to make. I know you are not going to believe this but that is not a picture of Caesar.
.......... No Mommy, you are going to tell the story wrong. Let me do it pleeeeease.
Oh no, not again. Here he goes again folks. Caesar is famous as many of you know for interrupting me when I am working at the computer.

............ You see the pretty lady on, on, on, the right, the big beautiful furry one? Well, her is on the left tooooo. Yep, yep, I took Xenna's picture and, and, and, recreated it to look just like me, Caesar. Woof, Woof! See Mommy don't have a scanner thing so her couldn't get a picture of me on the Spider Web for everyone to see so I thought I'd make Mommy happy and draw one myself but then I got this idea to use my pretty girlfriend from sunny California cause her is oh so pretty and so I took her picture cause her always sends me pictures so I can look at her and drool. Wow, now I can breath again. I had to get all of that out so I wouldn't forget what I was gonna say. Any way, I took Xenna's picture and trimmed some of her fur, cause I don't have a long coat. Then I trimmed fur off her lovely ears too and painted her face in black cause my face it more black than hers is. See, if you go back and look at what you thought was us together you can see I reversed Xenna's picture then trimmed it up. You got to look real hard cause I'm real good with my paws on the thing Mommy calls the Mouse on her computer thing. Any way that is what I did and I'm sooooo happy that you all thing I am a good looking but that ain't me. And, and,

Ok Caesar, that is enough you have had your say.
.............and, I gonna say one more thing and, I chase all the spiders away from the spider web up here in cyberspace so they don't get you. Now it is your turn Mommy. See her interrupts tooo.
Sorry about that folks. At any rate you got "The Hidden Story", straight form the verbal big mouth Caesar. Enjoy the web site and Caesar's drawing of him and Xenna.
Links at Caesar's Spider Web Site includes information about Epilepsy. I hope to get more helpful information about Megaesophagus up there as soon as I can find a good link. If you know of one please let me know.

Jean from MO, and "Caesar" (Chlomaxsi's Oliver)
the skinny itchy, scratchy one with Allergies,
Epilepsy, Seizures, & Megaesophagus Problems
Jean from Missouri

and, The Verbal Big Mouth Caesar
The #1 German Shepherd Dog Pest
WOOF, Woof, woof! Me no pest, me Caesar!

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