The Imaginary Crew. An imaginary trip with and imaginary crew. It was up the Mississippi with the imaginary crew. From Miz-ury to I-da'-no we had an awesome view. With puppies jumping to and from we almost sank the raft but the current of the river kept us floating on our path. Our trip mapped out by Lewis and Clark was traveled long ago but some how I don't think Lewis and Clark had puppies jumping to and fro.
Party Started by Caesar May 1995

The trip from:

"MISERY TO IDUNNO" (Missouri to Idaho)

All of the Puppy Party arrived today in St. Louis. Me and Bailey went down to the Mississippi and and Missouri River and greeted them as they all climbed aboard the raft. We began our trip up river like Louis and Clark did all the way to IDUNNO. We got to swim and and play in the mud. I put lots of Dr. Bach rescue remedy in the Artillery Punch so no one would get sick. Funny thing happened after they lapped up the punch, all the Puppy Party got real real happy. Yea yea real real real happy.

Kaylie Lee "Howler Monkey" if your remember was in charge of all the boy party favors cause her is a real party animal and in charge of entertainment her started her Howlin''' and singin "Where The Boys Are" Then her got lots of dog whistles.

Duffy got so excited over Kaylie Lee "Howler Monkey" and and he dropped all the the tennis balls in the river and and all the GSD's jumped in the river to get all them tennis balls.

Zena (The Doink Dog) is looking over the raft with the a kong-on-a-rope and me (Caesar) gets doinked on the top of the head. And and I got Anna snatch stuff really fast and bringin pigs ears, chewmans, and and mud to me saying," That's ok Caesar" this will make you feel better. Then Zean do it again to me with the kong-on-a-rope.

Kaylie Lee "Howler Monkey" still howling away, "Where The Boys Are"! But we had lots of fun on the way up river cause there was lots of mud.

Then we get on Phanta's JET and we still have some of the Artillery Punch. Oh I shouldn't have put so much Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, Bourbon, and and Tequila with that Dr. Bach rescue remedy. Me think it was the Tequila that got all the Puppy Party so stinkin drunk.

Anyway, Phanta played the movie "Where The Boys Are" and Kaylie Lee "Howler Monkey" howled right along with that Connie lady. We ate popcorn and peanuts while we watch the movies and and then doing, me gets it again on the top of the head with Zena (The Doink Dog) kong-on-a-rope.

But we are here in IDUNNO now and and we got the key from the BIG CAT next door. Me not going to tell you everything. Me gonna let all the other Puppy Party GSD tell you what happened on the raft up river and on the Jet. I just know that Kaylie Lee "Howler Monkey" still howling away, "Where The Boys Are".

The Party Supplies: 1 Xenna gonna be in charge of all the seat on Phanta's JET. and her is gonna bring grasshoppers tooooo.

2 Kyra is gonna watch us so we don't get sick or hurt.

3 Phanta gonna be in charge of the movies on her JET and and the popcorn and peanuts to eat while we watch the movies

4 Bailey gonna teach us German on the way over on Phanta's JET so we can talk to Hasso when we get there.

5 Damon & Hasso gonna drive the U-Haul when we get there. Then Damon gonna commiserate with Jake And teach him how to eat lettuce and gonna teach all the pups to howl the "Call of the Wild"

6 Sioleiligh gonna bring somesome fake chewmans, some slimeyballs and slimeybones, and and slimeybees, and and and some tp rolls and and and and some oreos too. Sioleiligh gonna be in charge of trench duty and and teach every one how to dig trenches.

7 Xhosa die Prinzessin gonna bring a special Bratwurst and loads of Gummy Bears for all die puppies.

8 An an Kaylie Lee "Howler Monkey" gonna be in charge of all the boy party favors cause her is a real party animal. Yea yea, party animal. Her in charge of entertainment! Her is gonna sing too an an Howel!

9 Maggie and and Rudi Wellington gonna put Jake on a diet so he can get skinny like us after the party.

10 Autumn is in charge of dirt. Her likes dirt.

11 Rudi Wellington gonna bring her Bluenoser an an gonna bring lobster them funny green things with lots of legs and scallops and and clams too.

12 An An Duffy gonna bring tennis balls.

13 Princeton gonna bring a bag of pigs ears.

14 Zena (The Doink Dog) gonna bring a kong-on-a-rope

15 Ace is gonna bring his left over birthday cake.

16 Kelsey gonna bring lots of Kongs for everybody

17 Anna gonna teach everyone how to snatch stuff really fast.

18 Shadow gonna bring WHIRLIES to the party that fall off a *big* tree. and crickets.

19 Caesar that me I'm gonna bring lost of Dr. Bach rescue remedy cause it's good stuff.

The Party Guests:
Bear, Damon, Sioleiligh, Anna
Jake and Hasso (Party In Idaho)
Kaylie Lee "Howler Monkey", Jagger
Phanta, Xenna, (Phanta has JET)
Rudi Wellington
Zena (The Doink Dog), Ace
Xhosa die Prinzessin

The Party Adjenda:
Jake's mom say:
Here's what we do: you come on to Idaho any way you can make it. Leave your humans at home. I'll rent a U-Haul and we'll all go fishing. You puppies can have a blast. You'll have to catch your own food, fish, rabbits, worms. I will take you to a place where yoy can run all you want, nobody will yell at you.

At night we'll build a big fire and sit around drinking Annie Greensprings Plum wine and I'll tell you stories of other dogs I've known. You don't have to take a bath, you don't have to sleep, you can do whatever you want. One thing. When I say the words: ALL DOGS DOWN!, I want total and absolute attention, ok?

Dis is da Bik Puppy Party: Caesar from MO

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