This was one of Caesar's famous, favorite, poems.
He absolutely enjoyed writing poetry, talking on the Internet, and going to Obedience Class.

Her and Me, as quoted by "Caesar the GSD"

Her takes me to class then her tells me to stand,
I do it cause her has hot dogs in her hand.

We do figure 8's around two human poles
Then her gives me hot dogs -- I gobble them whole.

Then her tells me -- down and I fall to her feet.
I do it -- cause her gives me a wonderful treat.

Then her tells me to sit, then her tells me to stay.
Well I know hers gone crazy cause her walks away.

Her then changes her mind cause her yells Caesar come
and I is so happy so I start to run.

I run to her front and I sit proud and tall,
and her gives me nothing this time, nothing at all.

Then her says Caesar swing -- I rush round to her side.
Her spits out a hot dog, I take it with pride.

by J.S. Kotchka
September 24, 1995

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