Cleaning Carpets

My Deeeer friends,
Vat a lovely group of devoted friends dat you are. Micah just vrites vhat Micah finks and Micah got request for how to cleaning carpets. Dis is goot dat you call on my expertice to clean carpets. I can do dis real goot.

First fing you do is eat lots of junk and ven Moter is not looking you run all around house and upset tummy. Dis is step one.

After tummy is all upset shake vell as they say on label.
Next turn around several times to chase tale that if you get goot you can hold on to and valk in circles. I do dis and dis drivem Moter batty.

After you do all dis stuff you pick nice place vhere you know vork vill be seen by all. Open mouth real vide and let it all come up and out and all over carpet.

Now dat you have mess on carpet hide so Moter don't know if you did dis or mabye kat if you have kat, or maybe littel people in house (children) if dhey are dhere vill get blame. Ven Moter comes vit bucket and rag run, run, run like h _ _ _, can't sad dat vord cause Moter veill get mad, anyvay, run, run like h _ _ _, hit bucket vith nose, and make sure back foot is in bucket to drag all over house. Dis vill spill out vater and help clean up allllll floors in house. Dis is how you do dis.

Vell, I go now, dis is Micah.

Here is tip from my Moter and she say it vorks goot. Ve don't sell dis stuff. Dis is just somefing she buy dat helps her clean up just about everyfing except for yellow grass.

Ju try dis, it vork for sure. I go dis time fur sure, dis is Micah

Supreme Cleaning Products, Inc.
2339 Branen Rd.
Atlanta, GA 300316
Phone 404-241-1644 or 1-800-772-9789

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