Caesar & The Rabbit

Can You Believe This?

We took Caesar our GSD and Simba our cat on vacation this summer. We went to Ohio to visit my Aunt & Uncle. Well, Simba was in her crate in the house and Caesar was outside in the yard with us. A few minutes later Caesar comes up to me with a dead Dutch Rabbit. I'm screaming for my husband to do something because I don't want to take this dead animal out of Caesar's mouth. Well, my Aunt looks at Caesar and all most faints.

She says, "Oh no, that is our neighbors pet rabbit Thumper". Caesar drops the dead rabbit and looks at me as if to say, "See what I have for you Mommy."

My husband and my Uncle walk over to the dead rabbit and I grabbed Caesar so he wouldn't pick up the rabbit again. Well my Uncle gets this stupid idea and says to my husband, "Let's clean up the rabbit and put it back in the cage". My husband says OK.

Now I'm about to have a fit over this decision and so is my Aunt. At any rate they took a damp rag and cleaned up the rabbit and put the dead rabbit back in its cage in the neighbors yard.

About 2 hrs later the neighbor comes home. He comes over to the fence that is about 3 feet high and says to my Uncle, "Did you see anything strange going on in my yard today." My Uncle had the nerve to say this with a straight face, "No, why?" The neighbor says, well I'm kind of puzzled. Thumper died last week and I buried him in the garden and now he is back in his cage.

If you believe this you are just as gullible as the last person I told it to. Try it out on someone and use your dog's name. It is funny to see the reactions you get. I also heard the story this way. The neighbor says, "Gee, this is the third time this week I buried that rabbit."

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