Micah and Human Family

Dis is me at 7 veeks old. I am sleepy but I like to be vith my brother so I let him hold me vhile my Moter take picture of us.

Dis is me vhen I vas just about 8 veeks old.
You see me here vith my brother again. He is goot to me.

I like to climb on big brother and give him kisses. He likes me lots.

I fink dis time I got him so he can not get up. I am about 6 months old here.

I fink dis time I he got me goot. Geees, dis is high up here. I am big boy now. I fink I am 7 months old in dis picture. I fink maybe brother should put me down. Dis is fun but I fink I am too big to do dis now ja!

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