Micah's Family

Mommy Zephora

Dis is my Mommy vith me and all my litter mates. Ve all vere very, very hungry.
I guess vhen you are little baby all you vant to do is eat and sleep.

Dis is Me

Dis is me vhen I vas two days old. Gees, I look like I am sleeping.

Shushhh! Don't vake me up OK.
Maybe if you be very quite you vill not disturb me as I sleep.

Some of My Litter Mates

Dis is me vith my litter mates. We are 7 veeks old in dis picture. Da road down from Indiana vith me to house in Missouri vhere I live now. Dis vas nice dat dey do dis so I don't be lonely in car. My Mommy, Grandmother, and two of my Aunts road down vith me too. Daddy stay home that day. He is big boy and he had to vatch de house.

Little Visit

Here I am vith my Daddy. He is Big Shepherd Ja! I vent back to visit vith him vhen I vas 2 months old. It vas goot to see my Daddy again. He vas very nice to me.

He say, "Voof, voof Little Micah". I see you are growing up little guy. Next time I see you, you be big boy like Daddy.

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