Micah At Home

The Holy Terror & White Tornado of Missouri

Puppy Speaks:

Dis is Micah. I ave been vanting to chat but Moter vill not let me do dis. Moter is not looking so I get on dis fing vith my paws and say Voof, Voof, to all de puppies out dhere in Cyber Land.

I vant to tell you vat Moter do to me. She run vac-cooom fing on my back and it scare me at first and now it feels goot. Moter then say goot boy Micah, goot boy.

Moter give me big big rawhyde bone. Dis bone is as big as I am and it is fun to chew on. Moter also give me she say I fink part of cow foot toe nail. Dis too is goot to chew on. Now I go play in toy box and find dis stuff ja!.

I like best to chew on Moter's arm but Moter don't like dis. She say Micah no, Micah no and she scream at me. Moter must have problem. She say things 2X to me all the time like I don't understand vhat she say. I hear her so vhy does she say thing 2X.

Moter has big cat and dis cat don't like me. She vatch me all the time.  Ven I go over to see big cat, cat slap me in face.  Cat is like Moter because cat slat me 2X.  Cat thinks Micah don't understand.  Geees humans and cats have problem ja!

You know vat Moter do to me today???? She put me in laundry tub and give me rub-a-dub-dub. She sing dumb song to me as she scrub.

"Rub-a dub-dub three men in a tub".

I don't see 3 men in tub vith me. Maybe you see dem. I don't fink otter puppies see them either. Maybe it just hooman fing ja!

One more fing I must tell you. Dis vet Dr. tell Moter that  I look like Sat-a-lite dish vith dis 
Big Ears. So, Moter go home and cry.

She say to me,
"Little wee Micah don't look like sat-a-lite dish do you littel guy".

Why she ask me? I don't know vat sat-a-lite dish look like.

Ok I say just one more fing then I go. Dis guy at gas station say puppy look like Spuds McKenzy. Moter really cry this time. I think she going to be ok but ven we get home neighbor tell her. New puppy look like Spuds McKenzy.

Moter is now so upset she go in house bawling.  She go to the big vite fing
in kitchen and  get a beer and say, "Here is looking at you Spuds".  

I fing Moter is having break-down because I don't see nothing, no Spuds, no Spuds McKenzy, nobody there but big vite fing.

O, you fink that vite fing is Spuds McKenzy? Ja, that is it, the big vite fing must be Spuds McKenzy. I remember neighbor say Spuds is vhite like puppy.

I sign my name so you know who I am ja!

Dis is Micah
The Holy Terror & White Tornado of Missouri

Oh yea, gotta' say just one more fing den I go for sure dis time ja!.
Dis is My Pedigree and a Picture of Me at 7 Weeks Old.

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