The Last Call Memorial 2003

Owner/E-Mail: Margie Brewer -
In Memory of: Yukon
Year of Birth: 1995
Year of Death: 2003
Cause: Put Down
Age: 8
Color: Black and Red
Sire: Axel Von Markfeld
Dam: Pacific Coast Avi von Eidson
Kennel name: Leslie Mc Dowell
Breeder: Leslie Mc Dowell
Other known illnesses: He had no serious illnesses.
He was a great dog. Saved his masters life and stayed by him until leaving us due to serious spine injury. He had the courage and valour any one would have been proud of. He will be in our hearts forever.

Owner/E-Mail: Cherri Pursell -
In Memory of: Mercer's Keeper of the Keys
Year of Birth: 2001
Year of Death: 2003
Cause: cardiac arrest
Age: 17 mths
Color: Black Sable
Sire: AOE Sel Ch Joelle's Alvin v Norberg CD TC
Dam: Mercer's Midnight Attraction
Kennel name:
Breeder: Linda Filipkowski
Other known illnesses No known illness. Healthy, happy. Autopsy showed cardiac arrest, vet unable to determine cause.
We love you Harry Potter.....wait for us at the bridge

The Last Call