The Last Call Memorial 2002

Owner/E-Mail: Sandra B. & Martin Smitz -
In Memory of: Wynthea's Heidi von Smitz
Year of Birth: 1990
Year of Death: 2002
Cause: Degenerative Myelopathy & perianal fistulas
Age: 11+
Color: blk/tan
Sire: Falco von der Schnzlanche
Dam: Wynthea's Melody
Kennel name: Wynthea
Breeder: Winifred Strickland
Other known illnesses Heidi was to be my obedience girl. She was my soul mate. When she was two I had her x-rayed for OFA. I was told if she was for breeding I shooed get rid of her. She had moderate elbow & moderate hip dysplasia at age two. The orthopedic vet told me to keep trialing her until she said to stop. We were showing in Canada for our third utility leg when she said no more. Heidi was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy in 1999. At age two whenever she was tired she would knuckle under the rear paws. In 2001 she developed the perianal fistulas. That was a nightmare. Since she was completely paralized in the rear the PF's would not heal. Heidi was in an Eddie's cart for a little over a year. She absolutely loved her cart.

Owner/E-Mail: Carole Mcl -
In Memory of: Fagan's Artful Dodge (Fagan)
Year of Birth: 1989
Year of Death: 2002
Cause: DM
Age: 1 month shy of 13 yrs.
Color: black and tan
Sire: Falko
Dam: Field Day Greywolf
Kennel name: Field Day
Breeder: Forsthoff
Other known illnesses Survivor of bloat; life-long battle with pancreatic insufficiency; testicular cancer diagnosed at age 12; degenerative myelopathy. A dear, sweet dog with the heart of a lion; always happy and friendly; my best and most loyal friend. I think of him and miss him daily

Owner/E-Mail: Shirley Greene -
In Memory of: Good Golly Miss MOLLY
Year of Birth: 2001
Year of Death: 2002
Cause: Autoimmune
Age: 8 months
Sire: Von Bruins Star Gazer
Dam: Saterhaus Mae West Von Bruin
Kennel name: VonBruins Shepherds
Breeder: Jana Crahan
Other known illnesses
Severe hip dysplasia (malformation on one side) Autoimmune disease (organ inflammation without infection; lupus)

Owner/E-Mail: Rick & Jackie Grassinger/
In Memory of:Maximillion Von Treue II
Year of Birth: August 27, 1990
Year of Death: May 10, 2002
Cause:Stroke, heart failure
Age:11 1/2
Color: Black ,Tan, Silver
Sire:Baron Von Sheltz
Dam:Commonwealth Sheba
Kennel name:
Breeder:Jerry & Pat Brommel
Other known illnesses:

Owner/E-Mail:Paul & Brenda Craig/
In Memory of:Litter #4 , 4 Females 3 males
Year of Birth: April 10,2002
Year of Death: July 2002
Cause: Parvo
Age:12 weeks
Color: Black & tan
Sire: PB Flying Dutchman
Dam: Daytona Raschel Craig
Kennel name: PB Breeding
Breeder: Paul & Brenda Craig
Other known illnesses:

Owner/E-Mail: Jeff and Christine Tautic /
In Memory of: YAEGER
Year of Birth: 12/19/99
Year of Death: 01/20/02
Cause: Complications with Epilepsy
Age: 2 years 1 month 1 day
Color: Black/Tan
Sire: Lanning's Diamond Mick
Dam: Lanning's Say Hey Kid
Kennel name:
Breeder: = Eric & Dawn Lanning
Other known illnesses:
Yaeger's personality and intelligence was far more powerful than the disease which took his life at such a young age. He battled epilesy for 8 short months before it finally became too much for him. He was loved and will be missed.

Owner/E-Mail: Rex, Janet, Jamie, & Kyle, Palmer/
In Memory of: Fritz Von Stephanitz
Year of Birth: 1993
Year of Death: 2002
Cause: unknown? still wondering, and longing
Age: 8 yrs 1 mo
Color: Long Hair, Black,Tan, Mahogany
Sire: Wiko Von Kirschental
Dam: Wynn Strickland
Kennel name:
Other known illnesses:
I am sorry to say I don't know what or why? He was truly one of the family, a match made in heaven. We never realized what he would become to us.The love, companionship, and loyalty between A family and a truly unbelieveable UNIVERSALLY LOVED GERMAN SHEPARD. REST IN PEACE BIG BOY. WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU WITH ALL OUR HEARTS! WE WILL REPLACE THOUGH NEVER FORGET.( admitted as lethargic,normal temp.ekg. clear lungs, no anti freeze detected, shocky, gums pale, minor dehydration, Given I.V. fluids anti biotic, perked up for 8 hrs. seemed to be on thre mend. Had several minor seizures given valium, and went into cardiac arrest.) Eternal rest in the heavenly kingdom now and forever. R.I.P. FRITZ.

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