The Last Call Memorial 2000

Owner/E-Mail: S. Blum/
In Memory of: Lagos vom Stein Quelle
Year of Birth: 1/12/00
Year of Death: 11/17/00
Cause: Cancer
Age: 10 Months
Color: Black/Red
Sire: VA8 Fello vom Farbenspiel, SchHIII
Dam: V Carin vom Stein Quelle, SchH I
Kennel name: Stein Quelle
Breeder: Tom Wilcox
Other known illnesses:

Owner/E-Mail: Liz Guidry /
In Memory of: Beschutzer von Meinhaus CGC TDI
Year of Birth: May 5, 1996
Year of Death: July 8, 2000
Cause: Euthanasia because of severe Periana Fistulas and Food Allergies
Age: 4 yrs. 2 mos.
Color: Black/ Tan
Sire: Wolf von der Kopperpahlerallee (AKC & German Reg.)
Dam: Giza Zlodej Slnecnic (AKC & Czech? Reg.)
Kennel name: Augusta K-9 Services, Inc.
Breeder: Debi Lynne Lester & Sherry Munson
Other known illnesses:
He had Panosteitis as a puppy (about 10 mos. old), Severe Food Allergies, Skin & Flea Allergies, unknown flu-like sickness that could not be diagnosed at 1 1/2 and again at 2 1/2 yrs. old (lasted about 3wks. each time), and Periana Fistulas that eventually caused holes in the intestines. His hips were OFA excellent, elbows were perfect, CERF & BAER were good, and he had the BEST temperment of any dog I have ever met along with very good conformation.

Owner/E-Mail: Lorraine Eachus -
In Memory of: Edgefields Tessie
Year of Birth: 1993
Year of Death: 2000
Cause: Renal failure due to DM
Age: 7
Color: Black & Tan
Sire: Amber's Maxima
Dam: Amber's Lisa
Kennel name: Amber Kennels
Breeder: BarbaraAmidon/Peter&LouiseLepore
Other known illnesses:
Fibroids over both eyes, tumor on spleen, hemmoroid, Hip Dysplasia (30% of sockets), Spondylosis

Owner/E-Mail:John and Marie Susa/
In Memory of:Ariel Vom Haus Kristian
Year of Birth: April 20, 1992
Year of Death: September 23, 2000
Age: 8
Color:black and tan
Sire:Illo Vom Bergmannshof
Dam:Daisey Vom Charbett Das Raider
Kennel name:
Breeder:Bounty Christian
Other known illnesses:
Ariel was never sick. She lived three days after surgery to remove her spleen and the tumor. We had to euthanize Ariel becuase her cancer had spread and she was internally bleeding.

Owner/E-Mail: Reina Pennington/
In Memory of:Zena
Year of Birth: 1997
Year of Death: 2000
Cause:sudden heart failure (?)
Age: 3 1/2
Color: bi-color
Sire: Bogey
Kennel name: Reina Pennington
Breeder: Linda Workman (sire)
Other known illnesses:
Zena was extremely healthy. However, she had injured her front foot and had surgery in December 1999. In June, she had surgery again to remove the steel plate. Three weeks later, shesuddenly dropped dead. The vets all said it was some form of congenital heart problem, possibly SAS.Zena had been on heart monitors during both surgeries and never showed any abnormalities. The autopsy revealed nothing.

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