The Last Call Memorial 1999

Owner/E-Mail:Cherri Pursell/
In Memory of:Thom's Travilin' Man
Year of Birth:1992
Year of Death:1999
Color: black and red...longhaired
Sire:Belcani's Elton v Formanek
Dam:Hosp's Greta
Kennel name:
Breeder:J Russell Hosp
Other known illnesses:
food allergies, bloated 12 weeks prior to death. Pano when younger. Possible immune problem (Lupus?)

Owner/E-Mail: Stephanie R. Bennet/
In Memory of:Bennet's Kitt of Corolla
Year of Birth: 1986
Year of Death: 1999
Cause: Cancer
Age:12 years and 11 months
Sire:Demon Cheryls Pride and Joy
Dam:Dutchess Ann Vignali Scordo
Kennel name:
Breeder:Gina Scordo
Other known illnesses:
Other than the cancer, Kitt was very healthy and had no other illnesses.

Owner/E-Mail:Allison Lewis
In Memory of:Heritaj Hallmark Of Lakeview
Year of Birth: 1-25-98
Year of Death: 5-10-99
Cause: Mesenteric Torsion
Age:15 months
Sire:Am & Mex. CH Jimini's Scottsdale v Heritaj CGC TT HCT
Dam:Lealynn's Ophelia
Kennel name:
Breeder:Suzanne Muldoon & Michele Myers
Other known illnesses:
None He was a healthy young superstar until his trajic death. He had just won Best of Breed over specials at an all breed show. That was his second BOB and third BOW in two weeks. Marky I love you and miss you very much. You were the best in the world. Give my other beloved boy Riser a big hello. I miss him just as much another taken way to early at 2yrs

Owner/E-Mail: Jan Leach:
In Memory of: Ch Longpine's Pebble Beach CDX, Am CD "Echo"
Year of Birth 8/10/89
Year of Death: 2/26/99
Cause: Euthanasia subsequent to systemic hemangiosarcoma
Age: 9 1/2
Sire: Ch Daylor's Bogart
Dam: Ch/OTCh Longpine's K.O. Cody Am CD
Kennel name: Longpine
Breeder: Jan Leach
Other known illnesses:
Other known illnesses: Spayed @ 6 yrs following surgery for removal of mammary gland adenoma. No other health problems, no sign of DM. Was ill for only 3 weeks. My "baby".

Owner/E-Mail: Wayne & Jan Leach:
In Memory of: Longpine's Lash LaRue CD "Lash"
Year of Birth 6/21/86
Year of Death: 1/2/99
Cause: Euthanasia subsequent to DM
Age: 12 1/2
Sire: Shir-La-Mar's Mica O'Long Pine
Dam: Tsunami of Cedar CD
Kennel name: Longpine
Breeder: Wayne & Jan Leach
Other known illnesses:
Perfectly healthy until the onset of symptoms of DM about a year prior to his death.

Owner/E-Mail: Anne Moss
In Memory of: Schutzengel Vom Landhaus "Angel"
Year of Birth 1-19-1997
Year of Death: 1-20-99
Cause: Torsion
Age: 2yr. 1 day
Sire: Elco Vam Deubringer Schlob
Dam: Angie Von Burg Anloh
Kennel name: Landhaus German Shepherd Dogs
Breeder: Phil Dodson
Other known illnesses:
None Rest well my precious "Angel", your mommy loves you.

Owner/E-Mail: Margaret A. Kurz/
In Memory of: Ch. Jorgseni's Jacaranda
Year of Birth 1987
Year of Death: 1999
Cause: Heart Failure
Age: 11
Sire: Ch. Langenau's Beau of Jeaden
Dam: T-Ho's Rasberry Burlesque ROM
Kennel name: Hei-Kob
Breeder: Jorge and Ines Noya
Other known illnesses:

Owner & Email: Jackie E. Athey;
In Memory of Damon (Baron Damon von Bar TC CD CGC BH TT)
Cause: Euthanasia due to degenerative myleopathy
Age: 12 yrs 4 mos
Sire: Tee Jay of Allendorf (Milipitas, CA, PD K9 who was also euthanized for DM at age 9)
Dam: Sierra Vista vom Matre (who outlived her son)
Kennel name/Breeder: Susan J. Matre, DVM
Other known illnesses: Mild to borderline displaysia in right hip (may have been due to injury); pinched nerve in neck (found at age 10--may have been due to injury); sensitive to grains in foods; sebaceous cysts on back; developed severe arrythmia 5 mos. before death
He was my second GSD, my first "papered" dog, the one who introduced me to the world of AKC obedience and Schutzhund. He was a lover--his humans, food, strangers, Frisbee, Kong, and ball chasing. He was a wonderful example of a GSD--heart, courage, and gentleness, especially with children.

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