The Last Call Memorial1998

Owner/E-Mail: Dawn M Turner
In Memory of: Ashlee Renee (AKC # DL654643/07)
Year of Birth: Sept. 12, 1996
Year of Death: Sept. 21, 1998
Cause: Euthanasia following 19 month battle with demodicosis
Age: 2 years 9 days
Color: Black & Tan
Sire: El Tejano del Llano Quemado (DL469553/06)
Dam: La Tejana del Llano Quemado (DL573612/05)
Kennel name:
Breeder: The Jackson
Other known illnesses
Diagnosed at about 5 months of age. Within a month, went from localized to generalized. Treated with every known (at that time) conventional treatment, including experimental ones. Constantly battled chronic secondary bacterial and yeast infections in ears and on bottoms of feet. Vet said in the end that her immune system basically collapsed. I miss her so very much and think about her all the time. Two more dogs have joined my life since she's been gone, but none will ever take her place in my heart. I love you, bug.

Owner/E-Mail: Bill Harrison -
In Memory of: Am&Can Winning Ways Chimo TT HIC
Year of Birth: 1992
Year of Death: 1998
Cause: Mesenteric Torsion
Age: 6
Color: Bi-Color
Sire: Toskeys Willow V Schneiderhof
Dam: Carmspac Thirdrail Marvelous
Kennel name: Winning Ways
Breeder: Linda Abernot
Other known illnesses
None,Chimo was never sick,he had above average clearances for Thyroid,TLI,,ETC.What he did have was a sire who also died of Mesenteric Torsion at age 5. Chimo was in excellent condition and had gone BOB 5 days earlier at a specialty show. On the morning he died I had him at the vets and on the operating table within half and hour of showing signs of discomfort, but nothing could be done. There is no doubt in my mind that the genetic disposition for Mesenteric Torsion is inherited.

Owner/E-Mail: Karen Teplitzky/
In Memory of:Joshua" Campaingers KNJ Vindicator
Year of Birth: 1986
Year of Death: 1998
Age: 11 years
Color:Black & Tan
Sire: = Campaigner Gatewood Avenger
Dam: Wolfsong's Chakra
Kennel name:
Breeder: Deborah Boyd
Other known illnesses:

P>Owner/E-Mail: Gayle Arrington/
In Memory of: Mansha White Russian, CD, TT, CGC
Year of Birth: 1988
Year of Death: 1998
Cause: Complications from Polymyositis
Age: 10 years 5 months
Color: White
Sire: Hoof Print Pancho
Dam: Sunlit's Seika Seabreeze
Kennel name: Mansha
Breeder: Sharon Mann & Harry Mann
Other known illnesses:
Yukon was my gentle giant (30" at the shoulder). I adopted him after someone found him wandering around Winnipeg, MB, who contacted CKC who in turn contacted his breeder. He had mild HD which never affected him, the only reason I knew was via x-rays taken before I adopted him. He never had any serious problems, though I had a benign tumor removed from his foot at the time of his adoption. He was the prototype for the perfect GSD temperament, severely abused by his former owner, he still retained his dignity along with a love and respect for the human race. He developed mega esophagus due to the polymyositis, which resulted in aspiration pneumonia. The combination of the muscular damage done by the polymyositis and the recurring pneumonia resulted in his ultimate death.

Owner/E-Mail:Marjorie Zimmerman/
In Memory of: Jo-San's Jack Flash
Year of Birth:1985
Year of Death: 1998
Cause:Euthanasia due to Degenerative Myelopathy
Age:13 years old
Color Blk/Tan
Sire:Witmer's Lexington
Dam:Sylmar's Hilary of Jo-San's
Kennel name: Jo-San's Kennels
Breeder:Sandara/Joe Abbruzzese
Other known illnesses:
My beloved Jo-San's Jack Flash (always in my heart). Very Bad Allergies, skin problems ( moist exema) Anal gland problems ( but not PAF)

Owner/E-Mail: Sandy A. Sutter /
In Memory of: Belcani's Carly (Carly)
Year of Birth: 11/7/1987
Year of Death: 6/2/1998
Cause: Massive infection (chemo for brain tumors had depressed her immune system
Age: 10+
Color: Pale black and tan
Sire:Leyenda's Starsky of Alkarah
Dam: Belcani's Isbella Regina
Kennel name: Belcani Kennel
Breeder:Kathy Iorio
Other known illnesses:
The brain tumors caused multiple seizures. Until she started having seizures she was a very healthy alpha dog!

Owner/E-Mail: Regina and David Steiner/
In Memory of: Mein Schatz Lara Am/Can UD HT TDI
Year of Birth: 1985
Year of Death: 1998
Cause: possible DM, mostly old age
Age: 13 years 3.5 months
Sire: Alkarah's Charlemagne
Dam: Mein Schatz At-Em's Annie
Kennel name:
Other known illnesses:
Environmental allergies - grass, dust, pollen. Bloat (without torsion) at age 5. Health much improved by a raw diet. Lara was a great dog who loved babies of all kinds.

Owner/E-Mail:Peggy Glanz
In Memory of:Ben Zeran of Shodack, SV registered
Year of BirthJune 2, 1995
Year of Death: May 18, 1998
Cause: torsion of mesenteric root
Age:2 yrs, 11-1/2 months
Sire:Digger von Schloss Veitenstein, SchH III
Dam:Tussi vom Arolser Holz, SchH III
Kennel name:Schodack Shepherds
Breeder:Lauretta Arnold
Other known illnesses:
Sudden death due to torsion of mesenteric root (of small intestine) due to (undiagnosed) toxic gut syndrome which developed as a consequence of (undiagnosed) pancreatic insufficency Would like to know if any of Ben's siblings or other related dogs have suffered a similar fate or other illness. We miss him terribly

Owner/E-Mail: Wayne & Jan Leach:
In Memory of: Longpine's Sundance Kid "Kid", "Dance", "McKids"
Year of Birth 6/21/86
Year of Death: 2/17/98
Cause: Euthanasia subsequent to DM
Age: 11 3/4
Sire: Shir-La-Mar's Mica O'Long Pine
Dam: Tsunami of Cedar CD
Kennel name: Longpine
Breeder: Wayne & Jan Leach
Other known illnesses:
Cartilaginous Spinal Embolism @ 6 yrs after wrapping himself around a tree while playing with his brother. Onset of DM was masked by the neurological deficets from the embolism. We noticed the deterioration of function about a yr before his death. Wayne's "once in a life time" boy.

Owner/E-Mail: Gill & Andy Best
In Memory of: Martinez Maddie
Year of Birth 20/06/1987
Year of Death: 25/12/1998
Cause: Heart failure
Sire:Ludfarl's Dynamite (Bullet)
Dam:Retsub Rough and Tumble (Ebbie)
Kennel name:
Breeder:Bill & Maureen Baker
Other known illnesses:
None, she only became ill a couple of days before she died.

In Memory of: Wynsum's Poltergeist aka Guy
Year of Birth 8/5/86
Year of Death: 8/5/98
Cause: They think Leukemia upon AUtopsy
Age: 12
Sire: EMpire's Uban (Jedi)
Dam: Ledgewood's Sheena
Kennel name: Wynsums
Breeder: Dr. Zoe M Backman
Other known illnesses:
NONE was healthy until 2 weeks before his death

Owner/E-Mail: Judy Grumdahl/
In Memory of: Grumdahl's Goliath
Year of Birth 02/08/96
Year of Death: 06/21/98
Cause: Mesenteric Arterial Torsion
Age: 2.5 years old
Sire: DayBreak's Otto Moonshine
Dam: Sianco de Bianca
Kennel name:
Breeder: Lucy Fallavollita/Twila Herot
Other known illnesses:
Healthy up to date of sudden death.

Owner and E-Mail Address: B. Seidenber,
In Memory of: "Erich", Heidelberg's Warden Von Insbruk
Year of Birth: 1987
Year of Death: December, 1998
Cause: euthanasia
Sire:Heidelberg's Bristol von Insbruk (Banner)
Dam: Heidelberg's Katherine
Kennel name: Heidelberg German Shepherds
Breeder: Heidelberg German Shepherds
Other known illnesses: Breast cancer at age 8 or 9 (successfully treated), chronic ear infections, tumors, seizures, finally put down due to senility - possibly the beginnings of dementia caused by a tumor in the pancreas

"Erich", Heidelberg's Warden Von Insbruk, my first German Shepherd. I was inexperienced enough to be sold a long coated shepherd without my knowledge, but we loved him anyway, hair and all. He was my boy.

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