The Last Call Memorial 1996

Owner/E-Mail: Jill Dickin,
In Memory of: Camdn's Bolero V Regatta
Year of Birth 1995
Year of Death: 1996
Cause: Mesenteric Torsion
Age: 4 Months, 2 Weeks
Sire: Mensenredder's Tacoma
Dam: Regatta Jaslin's Boca Grande CD TT HIC
Kennel name: Camdn
Breeder: D. Cameron
Other known illnesses:
None at the time.

Owner/E-Mail: Teresa Avey,
In Memory of: ST DUKE CKC Reg no WU804574
Year of Birth: 1989, October 22
Year of Death: Dec 20, 1996
Cause: complete failure
Age: 7
Sire: Cozy J Ranch's Our Prize Mak NN262644
Dam: Cozy J Ranch's Tate's Viesha UU650155
Kennel name: Cozy J Ranch
Breeder: Jean Knight
Other known illnesses:
Testicles did not decend, hip dysplasia, allergies.

Owner/E-Mail: Phyllis Rayca,
In Memory of: Wynthea's Imp (Jessie)
Year of Death: 1996
Cause: Euthanasia, subsequent to hemangiosarcoma
Age: 14 years
Sire: Anton's Lukenbach
Dam: Wynthea's SkyLark, CDX
Kennel name: Wynthea Kennels
Breeder: Winifred Strickland Gibson
Other known illnesses:
Flea allergic; unilateral mild hip dysplasia; developed degenerative myelopathy at age 13 (was successfully being treated for this at time of death)

Owner: Dan Condon,
In Memory: Bear (Tinka)
Year of Death: 11/26/91 - 2/12/96
Cause : Euthanasia:
Age 5 years old
Other known illnesses:
Megaesophagus, Epilepsy, Myasthenia Gravis and Progressing Paralysis from unknown cause. Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine couldn't even help him. He was such a great dog, companion and my best friend. I miss him so much! :{

Owner/E-Mail: Rob Koenig,
In Memory of: Fanni
Year of Death: 1996
Cause: Degenerative Myelopathy
Age: 12 years

The Last Call