The Last Call Memorial 1995

Owner/E-Mail: Gayle Arrington/
In Memory of: Texas Ranger XVI, CD, TT, HIC, CGC
Year of Birth: 1982
Year of Death: 1995
Cause: Shutdown due to lifelong use of Pred, etc
Age: 12 years 10 months
Color: White
Sire: Sherry's Magnificent Mongo
Dam: St Ledgers Erinmist, CD
Kennel name:
Breeder: Wendy Wilson
Other known illnesses:
Tex had too many problems to list, mostly auto-immune in nature, though looking back I'd venture to guess he had several forms of Lupus. Most of his problems were skin related, but not all (he had digestive trouble, juvenile rhumatoid arthritis, spondlylosis to name a few). His health problems cost many thousands of dollars in vet bills during his lifetime (he was worth it). Despite all his physical problems, he had a fantastic temperament, an attitude to die for, and was gentle, loving both kittens and puppies, a nanny for any of God's little creatures.

Owner/E-Mail: DB HALL,,Internet
In Memory of: Murphy, CD (aka. "the Wubby Dog")
Year of Death: 1995
Cause: euthanasia
Age: 4 years, 5 months

Owner/E-mail Andreas Tamberg,
In Memory of: Misha
Year of Death: 1995
Cause: Degenerative myelopathy
Age 12#

Owner/E-Mail: Meg Travers,
In Memory of: Wolf
Year of Death: 1995
Cause: Fungal bone infection (Aspergillus Terrus)
Age: 4 years

Owner/E-Mail: A. Patriarche,
In Memory of: Roo
Year of Death: 1995
Cause: Arthritis/Hip Dysplasia
Age 11 years

Owner/E-Mail: Alf Stockton,
In Memory of: Sheba
Year of Death: 1995
Cause: Degenerative myleopathy
Age: 9 1/2 years

Owner/E-Mail: Karen Rapuano,
In Memory of: "Dozer"
Year of Death: 1995
Cause: Perianal Fistulas
Age 4 yrs, 2 mos.

Owner/E-Mail: Karen MacIntyre
In Memory of: MacIntyre's Bravo CDX TD SchH3 [from my first litter!]
Year of Death: 1995
Cause: Euthenasia, everything seemed to shut down
Age 14 Years

Owner/E-Mail: Kathy E. Stone (Kazzy)
In Memory of: Renegade
Year of Death: 1995
Cause: total kidney failure
Age 8 years

Owner/E-Mail: Zoe M Backman,
In Memory of: Sheena
Year of Death: 1995 Cause: It was just her time FAST AND QUICK
Age TEN PLUS years

Owner/E-Mail Joann S. Furse,
In Memory of Phanta v. Athons Grunenfeld
Year of Death 1995
Cause Degenerative myelopathy
Age 8 years years

Owner/E-Mail: John M. LaFrance,
In Memory of: Wyatt Earp "The big guy"
Year of Death: 1995
Cause: paralysis
Age 5 years 11 months

The Last Call