The Last Call Memorial 1993

Owner/E-Mail: Jim and Stormy Hope/
In Memory of: Fairhope's Wilhelmina
Year of Birth 12/10/93
Year of Death: 10/94
Cause: Hemmophagic Gastritis
Age: 10 Months
Sire: Ch Covy Tucker Hill's Check Marc
Dam: Brier Hills Storm Biscuit
Kennel name: Fairhope German Shepherd Dogs
Breeder: Robertson and Margaret T & Bruce Sherr
Other known illnesses:
Parvo, Pano, Systemic Infection from Spider Bite (Seriously involving one hock)

Owner/E-Mail: Veralyn Harelson
In Memory of: Kodiack's Lacey Lady
Year of Birth 1983
Year of Death: 1993
Cause: car accident
Age: 10yrs
Sire: Kodiack Prince DeJaynes
Dam: Kavik II
Kennel name: Greystone Shepherds
Breeder: Karen & Gary Sumner
Other known illnesses:
Deaf; going blind, severely displastic. Loyal to a fault.

Owner/E-Mail: Tami George
In Memory of: Zachary von Biskirchen
Year of Birth 1986
Year of Death: 1993
Cause: Degenerative Myelopathy
Age: 7 yrs of age
Sire: Xanto von der Barenschlucht, ScH3,FH,CD
Dam: Druxa von Biskirchen, ScH3,FH,AD
Kennel name: A-Z Acres
Breeder: Dennis Archer
Other known illnesses:
Severe Food allergies, Mild Hip Dysplasia Once in a lifetime friend. His time with us was short, but his memories will last a lifetime.

Owner/E-Mail: Reina Pennington,
In Memory of: Shadow, "New Skete's Quiet Shadow" (AKC #D392254)
Year of Death: 1993
Cause: Hemangiosarcoma collapse
Age: 8 1/2 years
Sire: Pfalcon?
Kennel name: New Skete
Breeder: The Monks of New Skete
Other known illnesses:
High fever as puppy; panosteotis at 11 mos; recurring ear infections and infections between his toes; debilitating inner ear infection at 2 yrs; lumbo-sacral syndrome at 5 yrs; excessive tooth wear. Many physical problems, but temperament-wise was the "god-dog." You've never left me, Shadow of my soul.

Owner/E-mail Andreas Tamberg,
In memory of: Kira
Year of Death: 1993
Cause: Liver cancer
Age: almost 10

Owner/E-Mail: Cynthia Davis and family,
In Memory of: Heidelberg's Pfifer v Unice (Rembrandt)
Year of Death: 1993
Cause: Crippling Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
Age: 18 months

Owner/E-Mail: Mark Weston,
In Memory of: Senta
Year of Death: 1993
Cause: Euthanasia
Age 14 Years

Owner/E-Mail Cindy Ogden,
In Memory of Odie
Year of Death: 1993
Cause Cancer
Age 11 years

The Last Call