The Last Call Memorial 1990

Owner/E-Mail Robbin Huls,
In Memory of Mitzi
Year of Death: 1990
Cause Kidney failure
Age 14 years

Owner/E-Mail: Margy Golant,
In Memory of: Pepper ( Richrbar's Dr. Pepper)
Year of Death: 1990
Cause: cancer
Age 8-1/2 years

Owner and E-Mail Address: Judy Huston e-mail
In Memory of: Corey
Year of Birth: May, 1980
Year of Death: Oct., 1990
Cause: Euthanasia
Age: 10-1/2
Sire: -
Dam: -
Kennel name: -
Breeder: -
Other known illnesses:
Severe hip dysplasia diagnosed at 5 months of age.

The Last Call