The Last Call Memorial 1984

Owner/E-Mail: Gayle Arrington/
In Memory of: Cloverly Edleweiss
Year of Birth: 1973
Year of Death: 1984
Cause: = Degenerative Mylopathy
Age: 10 years 10 months
Color: White
Sire: Shamus Von Rin
Dam: Walsh's Queen-A-Ling Longhair
Kennel name: Cloverly
Breeder: Richard C Walsh
Other known illnesses:
Tasha suffered from many allergies during her lifetime. Although I took her to an allergist in addition to her regular vet, no one seemed to be able to help her. Allergy tests indicated she was allergic to numerous allergens. Though never diagnosed, I believe she may have been one of the first victims of Parvo (which wasn't recognized as a disease at that time). She was a wonderful dog who gave me the gift of having a lifelong love for the GSD! Sadly she died from one of the most evil diseases which our breed is prone to, DM.

The Last Call