Caesar and Simba

Dis Kat's name is Simba. Her lives vith me. Her is a she kat. Her drives me crazy but, I love dis she kat soooo very much. Ve are same age me and dis kat but, I am bigger than her.

Simba on Crate

Dis kat finks me not know where her is.
Vell, me knows where her is.
Her is on top of my crate. Ja, there her is.
I can hear her up there and I can smell her tooooo.

Her Bit Me

Dis is not nice what her do to me.
Her got mad at me cause I like to put her head in my mouth.
I do dis and her got mad and her bite me.

Now She Mad At Me

Look at her. Now she mad at me so she walk away.
She think I don't see her walk away but, I vatch her real close. Dat is ok cause her vill be back. I know her vill.

Bath Time

Me thinks me will take a bath and get ready for kat nap.
Vhat a hard day me had chasing kat. Ve paly hard all day long.
Ve had goot time playing all day.

I Give UP

Hey Simba, you drink all dis vater.
I vas gonna take bath.
Vhere did all the vater go?
You drink all dis vater ja?
Ja, her drank all de vater.

Nap Time

Vell since ve can't take bath let's take kat nap.
You know vhy dis is kat nap?
Dis is kat nap cause dis is vhere I lay down
and take nat vith kat.

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