Caesar and Guests

Here are some of my Guests that came and Play vith me in Cyberspace. I vorked on dese pictures real hard. I remember I had such a goot time doing dem ven Mommy vas not looking. Xenna is my girlfriend. Dis is her Web Site. Rocket is my best buddy Dis is his Web Site.

Caesar & Xenna In The Voods

Me dream me vent to
Kalifornia and visit de girlfriend.
She is goot friend of Caesar Ja!.

Caesar Behind The Bushes

Dis is nother time ven I dream I go to
Kalifornia again and visit de girlfriend.
Dis Xenna is special friend to me.


Caesar & Rocket Fly In Cyberspace

Dis is nother time ven I dream I go to
visit cousin in Kollie Rado.
Ve had goot time in cyberspace.

Caesar's Spider Web Playhouse

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